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Nucleus STEM Lecture Programme

Working with our university partners, we run a series of lectures throughout the year, offering the opportunity for students to engage with experts from a range of institutions to discuss various aspects of STEM subjects. 

STEM Lecture Programme 2020-21

Last year we were able to run a successful lecture programme as part of our Nucleus STEM co-curricular schedule. We enjoyed nine lectures from academics from some of the top universities in the country and the world: including the Universities of St. Andrew’s, Leicester, Nottingham, Northampton, Dundee and Warwick.

This year, we are working hard to work with our colleagues at the universities to put together an equally exciting programme for this year. It is therefore our pleasure to announce that we have secured our first lecture of this year on Thursday 22nd October. We will also be having a session to work with the students to develop the skills they need to maximise their benefits from the lecture programme.

All sessions will be virtual, with students in their bubbles and supervised by their tutor for the foreseeable future; and as follows:


  • Thursday 15th October 2020 - 3.30 - 4.00pm: STEM Lecture Programme Introduction and Preparation session

  • Thursday 22nd October 2020 - 3.30 - 4.30pm: Professor Jeremy Levesley, University of Leicester

  • Thursday 12th November 2020 - 3.30 - 4.30pm: Dr David Brown, University of Warwick

  • Thursday 10th December 2020 - 3.30 - 4.30pm: Dr Nye


Whilst students will, undoubtedly, become focused on their chosen future fields of study and career aspirations, they should remain mindful on the benefit of wider studies and a broad knowledge base. When the students are applying to University these experiences will help to set them apart from other candidates, through a greater breadth of knowledge and interest.

As part of the Nucleus STEM programme, it is an expectation that they fully engage in the co-curricular programme, including attendance the Nucleus STEM lectures. 

December 10th 2020

Dr Sebastian Nye
Northampton Academy

Is time travel possible?
All NA students can join live on teams using their Northampton Academy Login with this link: http://ow.ly/wGQH50CFuV4


November 12th 2020

Dr David Brown
University of Warwick

Is there life out there?
Exploring the solar system (and beyond)

October 22nd 2020

Prof Jeremey Levesley
University of Leicester

Automatic Feedback for Work:
Using computer automation and other aspects of Artificial Intelligence 

May 7th 2020

John Sinclair
University of Northampton

The chemistry of long term climate change.

April 2nd 2020

Prof. Jeremy Levesley
University of Leicester

Mathematical thinking through games and puzzles.

This lecture has been postponed.

March 19th 2020

Prof. Steve Hubbard
University of Dundee

This lecture has been postponed.

January 23rd 2020

Dr Alexandra Woodacre
University of Northampton

Revealing the invisible: How microscopic life has a big impact.

December 5th 2019

Dr Paul King
University of Leicester

The Science of Data - The exciting art of extracting knowledge from numbers.

November 14th 2019

Prof. Stephen Roberts
University of Oxford

Finding Earth v2: Automating the discovery of planets around distant stars.

October 17th 2019

Dr Andrew Blight
University of St Andrews

Understanding the current threats to coastal marine eco-systems.

October 3rd 2019

Dr Margaret Bates
University of Northampton

Waste Management - Producer responsibility or our responsibility?

July 7th 2020

Dr Ria Symonds
University of Nottingham

Maths topic (TBC)

United Learning

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