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Year 7 Application Process

If you have any further queries about Nucleus STEM Stream, Nucleus VI or the application process, please email Mrs Ashton at nucleus@northampton-academy.org.


Interview Process

Once students have completed the aptitude assessments they will be informed in writing whether they will be taken to the next stage of the process.

This stage consists of an interview where the candidates are required to produce a short, no more than five-minute presentation on a topic related to STEM.  Some of the candidates this year presented on black holes, lava lamps, computer programmes they had completed and the algorithms associated with Rubik's cubes.  The topic that students choose to present is an entirely free choice however it should not be a general presentation on why the students wishes to be a part of the Nucleus STEM Stream.

Once all students have been interviewed all applicants will again be informed in writing whether they have been successful with their application and will be invited to join the Nucleus STEM Stream.  Interview feedback is available on request.

Further Questions

If any further information is required or you require any assistance with the application process, please email Mr Swallow at nucleus@northampton-academy.org.

Aptitude Assessment

All applicants will be invited to complete an aptitude assessment.  This aptitude assessment cannot be prepared for and assesses the applicant’s ability to learn.  Some sample questions are shown below.

Verbal Reasoning

Example 1
The words in bold are similar in some way. Decide how they are the same.  Then choose the correct word from the answer choices that goes with the first three words.

rain        fog           snow

Answer options:     weather       wet        hail         cold          horrible

Example 2
For each question there are three words in dark type.  The first two words go together.  The third word goes together with one of the answer choices. Choose the word from the answer choices that goes with the third word. Look at the example.

cat > kitten : horse > ?
Answer choices:        baby        small        calf        foal        puppy

Non-Verbal Reasoning:

Example 1
In each question the first three figures are similar in some way. Decide how they are the same.  Then choose the figure from the answer choices that goes with them. Look at the example below.

Answer Options: 

Example 2
The first line below shows how a square piece of dark paper is folded and where holes are punched in it.  You must select an image from the answer options which shows how the paper will look when it is unfolded.

Answer options: 

Quantitative Reasoning

Example 1
The question starts with two numbers that are linked together in some way. Next there are two more numbers that are linked in exactly the same way.  You have to work out how the numbers are linked and then finish off the third pair. Look at the example.

[ 2 > 4 ]  [ 6 > 12 ]  [ 13 > ? ]
Answer options:           15            18            20             26              130

Example 2
Each question shows a series of numbers.  You have to work out the rule or rules used to arrange the numbers.  Then decide what number should come next in the series. Look at the example.

3   6   12   24   ?
Answer options:         12        30         32        48          56
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