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Aspiring Medics Attend Junior Emergency Medicine Workshop at Leicester University.

Aspiring Medics Attend Junior Emergency Medicine Workshop at Leicester University.

Year 12 students Mia and Ariella and other Sixth Form students travelled to Leicester University to attend the JEM (Junior Emergency Medicine) workshop.

The students gained hands-on experience of emergency healthcare, learning from staff and students from medicine, nursing and other allied health professions. The workshop taught them valuable practical skills, normally taught to university healthcare students, such as interview preparation, application hints and tips and personal professional development – all vital information for any aspiring medic

Northampton Academy Careers Department strives to support students through every stage of their education as they explore routes to higher education. Medicine, in particular, requires considerable preparation, ensuring each student has undertaken experiences to challenge their aspirations, in addition to providing evidence to university admissions teams that students have carefully considered the breadth of issues involved in a career in medicine.

Mia said, “The two-day experience was amazing and much better than I had originally expected. On the first day, we attended lectures, learning new skills and how to treat illnesses. Then on the second day, we were in real-life simulated A&E type scenarios.

I learnt so much and it will really help me with my career – learning how to do blood pressure, checking histories ECG etc. I would strongly recommend it to any student wanting to go into the medical profession.”

Ariella added, “I have to admit that in the car driving to Leicester I was really nervous. I had expected to meet young people who know much more than me. Instead, I was greeted by friendly and understanding faces.

The JEM programme was extremely informative and taught me medical knowledge in a simple, understandable way. I enjoyed every second, from the lectures and seminars to the A&E simulations.

The student doctors and nurses even went beyond and taught about administering medication. It was so lovely to meet them, hear about their experiences in the medical field and work with them to ‘cure’ patients. I would definitely recommend this to any young person with an interest in medicine or nursing. It’s so informative and (to my surprise) fun! The JEM experience really sticks with you.”


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