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Character at Home Programme Launch

Character at Home Programme Launch

20th April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

Character at Home Programme Launch

This has certainly been a school year like no other. Many parents and carers find themselves in a challenging and unprecedented situation. This extended time at home will allow many of us to reflect on what type of person we are, and whom we want to be. It is an opportunity for all of us to emerge from this crisis as more determined, compassionate, and generous people.

Firstly, we would like to say thank you for your continued support in helping our young people to continue their education during a time that is very challenging for everyone. Secondly, we remain steadfast to our aim of being an Academy of Character and Excellence. To that end, we continue to work in partnership to support our young people to promote character development and reflection.

We have developed a range of activities that we believe will continue to support developing student character at home. You will play a crucial role in this process and we ask you to actively encourage your child to be fully engaged with the activities. 

We have created a document called the Character Passport. Please encourage your child to take part in the suggested weekly enrichment activities, watch the assemblies and TED talks and undertake a weekly character lesson, then reflect on these by filling in the Character Passport.

The Character Passport and all of the activities are on our website and can be downloaded from the Character at Home webpage,

Your child will be given an award, either gold, silver or bronze based on their level of engagement and participation. An Awards Ceremony will be organised to celebrate their effort if they complete this. It is very important that your child stays on top of the activities and records their reflection in a timely manner as we will use the Character Passport as evidence for the awards.

If you are unable to access the passport from home, then please contact the school and we will arrange for a paper copy to be sent out to you. Finally, thank you very much for your support and commitment as we continue in partnership to ensure that our young people get the best from an extraordinary school year.

Kind regards,

Mr C Anderson
Director of Character


Please watch the video below which explains how to use the Pupil Passport

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