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Nucleus STEM Lecture - Engineering

Nucleus STEM Lecture - Engineering

Article by Jibril (7S)

In the STEM lecture, a man called Jonathan Keep, who is a mechanical engineer, leads an especially important project for the energy industry. He talked to us about how the government are working on a project called STEP (Spherical Tokomak for Energy Production). STEP is a UKAEA (UK Atomic Energy Authority) programme designed to create more renewable energy and reduce the number of fossil fuels burnt not only in the UK but internationally as well.  

He then talked us through his career path to going where he is now. He mentioned his time at Cosworth and how it is a phenomenal place for sport, mechanics, and sport mechanics. Early on in his career, he designed cylinder heads for cars and then went on to work with JET, a machine that has broken the world record for the most energy produced, which is 16.6MW. 

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