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Nucleus STEM Lectures - Leadership During the Pandemic

Nucleus STEM Lectures - Leadership During the Pandemic

Mr Clyne delivered a lecture to students about his experiences of taking up his role as Principal and the leadership challenges he faced during the pandemic.

One of the attendees said of the lecture:

"Mr Clyne showed us the difficulties he had faced trying to lead a team through the pandemic. He discussed the different factors that are involved in leading a team and that one of the best things to do is to keep a level head. He said it was difficult trying to keep the team optimistic at times, but he always appreciated the help that was given by others. He told us about the several nights that he was up until 3 am in the morning researching the latest pandemic material to ensure that everyone was kept as updated as possible. He discussed the best part of being a leader, which was knowing that he had a supportive team around him and felt the best way to be a good leader was honesty."

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