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Nucleus STEM Lectures - Memory and Learning

Nucleus STEM Lectures - Memory and Learning

Mrs Shreeja Ashton, our director of STEM hosted a Nucleus STEM Lecture in which she talked about 'Memory and Learning'.

Mrs Ashton chose to cover this subject following requests from students, who found it very interesting to find out how learning stays in the memory. Mrs Ashton explained the different learning strategies and linked these strategies to research. This lecture also covered the brain's structure and how new synaptic connections are made when learning new things.

One student wrote of the event: "One of our lectures was delivered by Mrs Ashton on memory. This delved into the science behind how memory works, including the three parts of your memory and how you can only actively remember four things simultaneously. This was followed by a game where you were told to remember five words, and then we had to answer a sequence of questions while remembering those words, and nobody in the room could remember all five."

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