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STEM Students Embrace Co-curricular Work

STEM Students Embrace Co-curricular Work

As part of their co-curricular work, Nucleus STEM Students have been opting to do six-week modules in different areas of STEM. Students have enjoyed participating in Anatomy Club, Engineering, Stop Motion Animation, Latin, First Aid and Forensics.

These six-week courses are proving to be of great interest to students who have been fully immersing themselves in the learning.

Next term we will be running Forensics, F1 Club, Graphics, Japanese, First Aid and Latin.

Students have written about the experience here:


We were shown how to use Adobe Photoshop software and asked to design an original movie poster. We investigated what makes a good movie poster, including the different types of colours and images that would be suitable for each genre. We learned about the different tools that are used in Photoshop, including how to remove backgrounds and make 3D images.

Investigative Science

Each week we were given the opportunity to dissect different parts of an animal's body. This gave us the opportunity to see the insides and how they work. This course was quite exciting as I had never looked inside an animal's heart. We could see how different it was from a human heart.


We were tasked with building a rollercoaster made out of straws. I found this interesting but challenging at the same time. I found it quite difficult to get my rollercoaster structure to support anything, but I found that a couple of extra straws supported the ball very well.

First Aid

Over two terms, we were trained in First Aid. We were taught how to put someone into the recovery position and what to check for. We now understand how to check someone’s airways and how to ask for help. We were also taught how to avoid danger during these situations.

Here is a gallery of some co-curricular learning that took place last term.


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