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STEM Students Visit Oxford Natural History Museum

STEM Students Visit Oxford Natural History Museum

Year 9 Nucleus STEM students went on a trip to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Firstly they attended a lecture about the Galaxy Zoo, an online platform where members of the public can help Astronomer researchers classify galaxies. This also extends to classifying animals across the globe, captured by hidden cameras in nature reserves – a great way to get involved in research from the comfort of your own home.

Then followed an exploration of the museum. The students were taken aback by the incredible collection of bones, fossils and taxidermy of animal species and plants from around the world, all beautifully presented in the impressive building.

The final lecture of the day was about the enzymes involved in digesting Christmas dinner – including why we are slightly gassy after fizzy drinks and Brussels sprouts! Overall this was a fantastic day with lots learned at the museum, located in the breathtaking city of Oxford.

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