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Year 8 STEM Silverstone Museum Visit

Year 8 STEM Silverstone Museum Visit

A STEM student wrote this article.

The day started with Year 8 STEM waiting in the school cafeteria, where Mrs Staff divided the large group into two, so we could separate ourselves for the minibus. When we sat down on the minibus, we smoothly made our way up to Silverstone - the trip took 30 minutes. We stayed in our groups and experienced two different activities when we arrived.

The first group went on a tour around the F1 racetrack, where races occurred. After about an hour, the two groups switched, and we went on to a physical talk on how F1 works in real life. Both sessions were fascinating. Once both groups had completed both activities, we joined together as a class for our lunch break.

Then, all full of energy, we went on to experience the main museum. Here, we all looked at the authentic pieces staged in the museum - which was interesting as there were various things to do. As well as this, the museum allowed us to see (physically) how engineers and mechanics would work on the racecourse etc. Finally, we all went together and experienced a 360-cinema view from the first-person perspective of an F1 race driver. This was great fun! Overall, the day was super thrilling and exciting.


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