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Nucleus Music Opportunities

As part of the Nucleus STEM provison, students have the opportunity to take up free paired peripatetic music lessons in an vocals or an instrument of their choice. We currently have students learning brass, drums, guitar, piano, strings, woodwind and vocals.

Students who already have music lessons or commitments outside of school are encouraged and supported to continue.

Music Student Bios

Some of our Year 9 students are taking their early entry GCSE Music this year, here you can read about their journey with music so far.



I have loved music from a young age and I've been playing the violin and singing since I was six. I have recently completed my Grade 5 in both of these disciplines and succeeded in my audition to perform with the Northamptonshire County Training Orchestra. I also perform with NMPAT Singers, as well as the Northamptonshire County Senior Chamber Choir.

I decided to take GCSE Music early because my teacher, Miss Tustin, has been encouraging me with my music since I started at Northampton Academy in Year 7. She wanted me to challenge my musical abilities and work on other aspects of music like composing and music theory. I have enjoyed composing, which I have not done before, as it has given me the chance to be creative, expressive and have the freedom to use my own ideas.


I have been playing the piano since I was three. I was first fascinated by the instrument when I saw one in a store and could not stop playing it. Since then, my parents introduced me to piano lessons and I have worked my way up to Grade 7, which I passed last year. I am currently in the process of taking my Grade 8 piano and have further developed my piano skills by playing in Northampton Academy's Orchestra and Big Band. I am also completing my Grade 6 in Music Theory. I wanted to take GCSE Music early to expand on my musical knowledge through composition and different genres. I am enjoying learning about the concerto with Miss Tustin.


I have been playing the Clarinet since I was eight and I am currently working towards my Grade 3 and learning Grade 5 pieces. I have performed with various groups at the NMPAT Saturday Centre. At the age of 11, I earned a place in the Northamptonshire County Woodwind Ensemble. I decided to participate in taking GCSE Music early, as I enjoy challenging myself, and it has given me the opportunity to expand my musical knowledge in theory, composition, and performance. I have enjoyed writing my composition so far, as I find it exciting to come up with new ideas and I am intrigued to hear the final version.


I wanted to take GCSE Music early as a way to practice my composition and performance skills. I have been playing the piano and violin since a young age and recently achieved my Grade 5 in violin. However, taking GCSE Music has allowed me to push myself in areas of music in which I am not as confident, such as composition. I have enjoyed enhancing my compositional skills and learning about different genres of music for the exam. I am also continuing to improve my performance ability, which has led me to become the leader of the Northamptonshire County Training Strings.


I have been singing since Year 5 and have been part of All Saints Choir since then. I decided to take my GCSE Music early because I wanted to challenge myself through my performances. I also wanted to expand on my theoretical and compositional knowledge. I am really enjoying writing my own pop song currently and looking forward to finishing that soon.

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