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Nucleus STEM Computer Science Curriculum

Students in the Nucleus Gifted STEM Stream will be taught Computer Science.  This differs from what is perhaps classically referred to as IT or ICT since it has a focus on coding and the ability to programme.

In order to facilitate this programme students will be making use of classic PC systems as well as being given use of their own individual Raspberry Pi.  Since this is a new venture especially for the STEM students, both Year 7 and Year 8 will initially follow the same curriculum path for the year.


Year 7 & 8 STEM Computer Science

Term 1

Introduction to Python

Use of variables
Graphical applications
Basic AI

Term 2

Extension to Python

Making use of Minecraft
Use of co-ordinates
Using programming functions
Using data files

Term 3

Raspberry Pi projects

Building a robot
Pixel pet
Harry Potter sorting hat

Term 4


Encryption techniques and puzzles
Using Morse code
Caesar ciphers

Term 5

Sonic Pi Music

Programming instruments to make music

Term 6


Designing, building and programming a robot to conduct specific tasks

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