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Nucleus STEM Curriculum

Students within the Nucleus Gifted STEM Stream will cover broadly the same curriculum as the rest of their year group with some notable exceptions; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The amount of curriculum time for these subjects varies, with a reduction in curriculum time for certain other subjects to allow greater access to the STEM subjects. All Nucleus students will be targeted at grade 9 in their GCSEs in the Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Nucleus students will have access to small group peripatetic Music lessons, learning to play an instrument of their choosing.  The cost of this is covered by Nucleus STEM Stream.

Nucleus STEM Science Curriculum

Within the Nucleus STEM Science curriculum, students will be studying Science in its three discrete components: Biology, Chemistry and Physics taught by teacher who are specialists in these subjects.

As well as studying the knowledge required to gain a concrete understanding of the topics, students will also be completing independent investigative projects at the end of term. This will allow students to develop a thorough understanding of the scientific method.

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